Success stories

Learning by experience is what we humans do and now those experiences are digital and applicable for many industries and areas. Actions speak louder than words, so we are happy to share these examples to spark inspiration.

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Be it assessment, onboarding or other types of training, we think they all will benefit from the contnious learning and on site/situational perspective provided by our approach to VR.

“Working with Warp Industries has been a great adventure. We really appreciated their flexible and creative approach. Whilst working together, they listened to our wishes and thought with us. This resulted in a very high quality VR training that we are proud of to share with our trainees.”
Burg de Man

Learning expert at Custodial Institutions Agency (Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen)

“At Airfrance/KLM we run a continuous operation. The professional and flexible attitude of Warp Industries has allowed us to successfully create trainings within our irregular operation schedule.”
Cees den Hoed

Training Representative at Air France-KLM

“The immersion of VR makes you feel as if you are in a real life situation. The realism of the CPR training made me forget that I was in a virtual world. I even started talking to myself out loud!”
Esther Barsom

PhD candidate, Department of Surgery, AMC

Fire safety

Dutch Fire Department

The Dutch Fire Department gets thousands of fire alerts every year.
Luckily you can do a lot to make your house a safer place. Or in case of a fire, reduce the damage it can cause. With the ‘BrandweerVR experience’ people can learn how to prevent a fire and or what to do in case of a fire.

Behavior training

Custodial Institutions Agency

What happens in a juvenile prison, when you don't show the correct behaviour? To answer this question for the individuals in the juvenile prison, we have co-created a VR training together with the Custodial Institutions Agency. Doing the VR training, gives these individuals an experience and teaches them how to react in different situations.

Onboarding industrial plant

Voorbij foundation techniques

At Voorbij Foundation Techniques very big concrete piles are being made. But how does this process actually work? Which steps does this company need to take to produce these massive piles? Take this VR onboarding of their industrial plant to get acquainted with this company, its products and its process.

Customer service assessment


Cubiks is a very large talent assessment company. They use VR as an assessment tool to identify top candidates for a certain position. For example this VR assessment for British Telekom in which they can select the best candidates for sales managers in a telecom store. Do you have what it takes?

Emergency response training


In a industrial company such as Vopak, security is key to a successful operation. But how to make sure that all their employees and vendors respond in the correct way when an emergency happens. With current training methods, one still doesn't know whether people will fight, fly or freeze when something happens. By training with VR the exact emergency with corresponding emotion can be simulated.

CPR training


Correct CPR can save lifes. How do you react in the stressful, high emotional event someone needs your help? Putting you in the sitatuation beforehand gives you cognitive bagage to do the right thing, in case someone needs you.

Evacuation training


A hanger is an operational and potential dangerous place to work. Preparing engineers for potential scenarios can save lifes. How to train 300 engineers on the job anywhere anytime.

Social hacking training

ABN Amro

Even an office space can be the perfect location for a VR training. In this case Warp developed a training how to prevent invoice fraud through social hacking. How do you respond when you have the idea that you have encountered a faulty invoice? Call your bank? Just proceed? Experience the consequences of your choices.


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