What we do

Our 3 step approach is as simple as it is profound. Guided by our expertise and your content we create high quality VR training courses together.

1. Scenario building

Based on your procedures, onboarding programs, existing training and learning goals we create new interactive scenarios. Scenarios are non-linearlearning situations which promote onthe-job learning by experience.

Script writing

The scenarios result in a movie script which describes scenes, actors and props. Getting this right educes actual time on set.


We embed proven gamification elements and techniques for the learning experience to stick. Think tips, stars, high scores and positive feedback.

2. 360˚ Filming and editing

On set our directoris making sure everything is in sync. Our 360˚ camera simultaneously records video in all directions. We capture and edit everything needed to relive your situational experience. Filming a full scenario can often be done within a day.

3. In-depth analytics & trainee management

Our mobile phone based solution ensures unprecedented realtime analytics and report performance on trainee level. Decide which scenarios can be played by which trainees. Our system will do the work.


We use kickass technology

We have your VR training up and running in no-time because of our own platform solution. We offer you a great deal offlexibility raning from full service to do it yourself with easy maintenance and various performace analytics. Let our VR Training Center be the heart and mind of your training operation.

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