Learning with Virtual Reality

Research has shown that learning with VR has an increase of 30% in remembering procedures. While wearing a VR headset you a fully immersed and cannot be distracted. Using 360˚ video feels real, therefore emotion becomes part of a training. Decide which path to take by controlling interactive 360˚ video resulting in a high replay-ability.

Immersive environment

Wearing VR goggles and headphones means being ‘warped’ into a situation, which leaves your brain no choice but to engage. Immersive learning environments require full attention of the user which results in an unprecedented and powerful learning experience.

Real emotions

Video is as real as it gets. Real actors, locations, situations, consequences and actions account for real emotions. Using 360˚ video with professional cinematics will take learning to the next level. We can even add Hollywood style CGI if needed.

“At Airfrance/KLM we run a continuous operation. The professional and flexible attitude of Warp Industries has allowed us to successfully create trainings within our irregular operation schedule.”
Cees den Hoed , Training Representative at Air France-KLM

Flexible & scalable

All our VR courses can be played on anyone’s mobile phone. Therefore you can surpass the boundaries of time and place. Take ‘on site’ into the classroom or take the classroom to someone’s home. The possibilities are endless. We focus on mobile for maximizing scalability.


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